AFWall+ (Donate) 2.9.7 Apk for Android


AFWall+ (Donate)

This is fully functional donate version of AFWall+ . Please uninstall AFWall+ (Free) before installing donate version.
Kindly use import/export feature to migrate rules from free version.

Extra feature (for now) in Donate version
* Import All with preferences
* Log Statistics/History

Thanks for your support

PS: Upcoming features only in donate/key version – device security password for app



* Removed BIND_ADMIN permission and related device admin feature as per Google’s instruction – Will be introduced after analyzing the requirement

* ANR issues due to busybox detection

* Minor UI changes in tasker plugin

* Tasker plugin related bugs related to disable/enable firewall

* User reported crash fixes

AFWall+ (Donate) Apk

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