Astral Starways v3.4.7 Mod Apk


Astral Starways v3.4.7 Mod Apk  Anime fans must not miss RPG.

In order to save the “eight hundred of the world” and beyond time and space, came to the astral edge of the brave star.
Has summoned a variety of powerful partners — “exercise” the power of the brave!
In “When the goddess” under the guidance of, and together explore the mysteries of the world, the threat of crisis in the world to destroy it!

“Ladder Astral Astral Stairways” popularity over thirty years!
Anniversary of the campaign officially began, limited levels waiting for you to play!
The new task system compass and the stars bring new challenges,
There are a lot of activities and rewards you get!
Thank you for the support of the players, of course, a lot of concessions!
Original art by the Fire Dog team, more than 1200+ models full of unique character “exercise” in waiting for you yo!


1.Weaken the monster
2. Open the automatic battle button for the first time


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