Rima The Story Begins APK Best Platformer on Android


Rima The Story Begins APK Best Platformer on Android

Rima The Story Begins APK is an offline adventure platformer game from UP Entertainment Ltd. Its just came out in the play store and it looks really good. tried to find some gameplay on YouTube but did not find any so had to purchase it and try it. What amazed me is that its a top notch android game that has flavor of epicness and pureness. if you remember we have really good platformer games like Limbo and badlands, Rima The Story Begins APK Follows the same path as those epic games. Its a premium game and it has no IAP Burdens but there are annoying ads.

Rima The Story Begins APK Android Free Download

Story of Rima is as simple as it looks but it has unique storyline. Shadow world is becoming more torture than before, hope,life and light are long gone but and Rima APK is finding its way to bring the light back. Rima how is the purity spirit has to find four different elements to restore life on earth. Small but a good story to follow since we have no good story telling games available on Android.

Graphics of Rima The Story Begins APK is almost seems like playing a PS3 game. Game itself starts with epic cinematic story telling and a tutorial about controlling Rima. Lightning effects,dark shadows and in-depth object details are top notch. Rima The Story looks damn amazing on my Full HD phone. Now game might need some more RAM due to its high end detailed graphics. Most of all all these epicness is created using Unity Engine.

Gameplay is quite simple you have arrows to control Rima and tap on Jump button to jump. You will have to complete with different obstacles,different deadly traps or even face natural disasters. all these amazing features are combined beautifully in this Shadowic Looking Gorgeous little game. Rima The Story Begins APK is simply a top notch platformer game which will surely leave some of its footsteps behind in your Mobile Gaming Journey.In sort, Instead of spending hours and hours of grinding in online RPG games or RTS games i will definitely complete this kind of games.

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up

Version: 1.03



Download Links:

Install APK,Place data in Android/obb/ and Play.

Rima The Story Begins APK Best Platformer on Android


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