mitmproxy to inspect the data being sent. From his findings, the clipboard data itself is not being transmitted, but the app is making connections to a server whenever the contents of the clipboard is updated.

According to this reddit poster, a note in the HydrogenOS beta changelog indicates that the feature was intended for accelerating actions:

Smart clipboard recognition which provide appropriate buttons to help you accelerate your next action. This feature currently support recognition for url, address and TaoBao (e-commerce) content.

Accordingly, Alibaba operates an AWS-like cloud service, which apparently OnePlus used in development of this feature. While this function is not itself nefarious, the inability of OnePlus to clearly explain what was actually going on after multiple requests—let alone explain why this feature requires cloud processing to begin with—is distressing.

  • Thanks:
  • Gregory Jimenez,
  • Nicholas Torkos